The UltraGuard brand of Hollow Fiber Ultra Filtration Membranes represents the next generation of affordable residential and commercial water treatment products.

The unique UltraGuard filtration technology offers a Green approach in the water treatment marketplace compared to competing technologies such as Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration and Ultra Violet (UV) sterilization.

What sets UltraGuard technology apart is that there is no waste water, no electricity required and no unnecessary additional components. There is no running out of water or concern that the unit is still working properly. What you do get is pure, fresh and always available drinking water with filtered consistency and fast water flow from the faucet.

The key to UltraGuard membranes is that when built into a system it is certified to remove over 99.9999% bacteria, over 99.99% virus and over 99.95% Guardia and Cryptosporidium from your drinking water. In addition it eliminates colloidal materials, sand, silt, sediment and relatively high molecular weight organic material. The UltraGuard line of point of entry systems have been WQA Certified to the US EPA Guide Standard and Protocol for Testing Microbiological Water Purifiers.

These filters are designed and engineered by water treatment professionals with over 150 years experience in the water treatment industry, experts who understand water filtration needs and who have designed many of the filters seen in the marketplace today.

Become a part of the next generation of residential drinking water products by including the UltraGuard brand of Hollow Fiber Ultra Filtration Membranes as a part of your filtration system.