2-Stage Ultrafiltration System

Ultrafiltration is a low-pressure membrane process, capable of removing colloidal materials, fine suspensions, bacteria, virus, suspended solids and large molecular weight organic materials depending on the Molecular Weight cutoff of the membrane.

Ultrafiltration hollow fiber elements are made from polyethersulfone (PES) a hydrophilic, chemically stable polymer capable of operating in aggressive environments. Ultrafiltration hollow fibers have separation layers on both sides of the fiber (double skinned) and can be operated bi-directionally.


UG-2000 Membrane Module Features

  • Tolerant of oxidants, chlorine, ozone
  • Back-flushable; extending production run time between cleanings
  • 100% efficient operated dead ended
  • 98% efficient utilizing back flush
  • Low operating pressures
  • WQA Certified to the USEPA Guide Standard and Protocol for Microbiological Water Purifiers


  • POE Potable Water, >5 log reduction of Bacteria, Cysts, >6 log virus
  • Reduce Turbidity
    (Determined by Independent Laboratory Tests)
    *Dual Barrier


  • Ease of installation
  • Easy elements replacement
  • Verifiable element integrity
  • Ease of backflush settings/override
  • Wall or floor installation
  • Easy access of piping, controls and element integrity testing
  • Addition of Bladder to increase surge capacity
  • Dealer supported (Maintenance contract)
  • Extended element life utilizing controllable backflush sequence*
  • Low operating costs
  • Warrantee: Parts and workmanship
    *Dependent on Water Quality and Operating Pressure.

Learn more about the UltraGuard UG-2000 here:


Membrane Characteristics

PES - Hydrophilic Double-Skin type

Pure water permeability

>180 GFD @ 20 PSI @ 21 0C

Nominal Molecular Weight

100,000 NMW < 0.02 microns

Fiber ID

0.8mm - 1.4 mm

Outside-In Flow Pattern

Operating Feed Pressure

Max. 60 PSI

Backflush Pressure Max.

Up to 30 PSI

Inside-Out Flow Pattern

Operating Feed Pressure Max.

60 PSI

Backflush Pressure Max.

Up to 30 PSI


Chlorine Tolerance, Max.

200 ppm @ 11 pH

pH Tolerance

2 - 13

Operating Temp. Max.


Backflush Chlorine Max.

10 ppm

CIP Pressure, Max.

30 PSI