Hollow Fiber
Membrane Systems

The next generation in affordable residential water treatment.


  • Unlike competitive technologies there is no waste water.
  • These membranes assure that most effective microorganism control with a 99.9999% reduction in harmful bacteria, Guardia and Cryptosporidium from drinking water.
  • Minerals remain in the water after purifications.
  • Designed to be inserted into any membrane housing or encapsulated and ready to install on any filter system.
  • What you get is pure fresh and always available drinking water with a consistent and fast flow of water from the faucet.

Options and Performance

UF 50- 12” Membrane

125 GPD @ 60 PSI (4.1 Bar) - 72°F (21°F)

UF 50E - 10” Membrane (Encapsulated)

100 GPD @ 60 PSI, (4.1 Bar) - 72°F (21°F)

UF 400 - 12” Membrane

1,000 GPD @ 60 PSI(4.1 Bar) - 72°F (21°F)

UF 400E - 10” Membrane (Encapsulated)

436 GPD @ 60 PSI, (4.1 Bar) - 72°F (21°F)

UltraGuard™ provides ultra filtration (UF) hollow fiber membrane technology using a low-pressure dual barrier fiber process which is capable of removing the following contaminants:

  • Harmful bacteria and cysts
  • Fine sediment
  • Viruses
  • Suspended solids
  • Colloidal materials
  • Large molecular weight organic materials



100 PPM @ 7 pH


2 - 13

MAX Operating Temperature

120°F ( 50°C)

Operating Pressure

Max. 60 PSI (4.14 Bar)
Min 10 PSI (.7 Bar)

  • Standard membrane fits into any membrane housing
  • Tolerant to chlorine and most strong oxidizing agents
  • Made up of polyethersulfone (PES) hydrophilic polymer membrane that resist fouling
  • Stable at wide range of pH
  • Dual barrier membrane allows water to flow in either direction (backflush) which reduces concentration of containments to extend flow rates and the life of the element
  • Better quality than most bottled water
  • Fast flow from the faucet
  • Stops harmful bacteria, Guardia, Cryptosporidium
  • Works on water pressure as low as 10 PSI
  • Back flush capability to maintain productivity
  • Out performs UV and RO bacteria reduction
  • UF 99.9999% compared to UV 99.99% RO 99%
  • Can eliminate waste water associated with RO system use